We take things to a totally new level with this
highly usable and totally FREE app.
This logbook app is made by pilots for pilots, certifying the relevance of functionalities.

Access your logbook even offline.

FlightLog Pilot App manual single entry


Create a flight manually, one by one.

Or better is to import your schedule via your preferred roster. Some rosters (AIMS, BlueOne, RosterBuster) and airlines are already compatible (AF, Iberia, ANZ).
If you want your import your airline roster, contact us.

All your flights at a glance.

Colored badges show your delay ( ON TIME |  D5 |  D15 |  >D15 )
Your airline logo is automatically displayed according to your flight number.

FlightLog Pilot App flight page


Log all data you want : TIME | PAYLOAD | PAX | FUEL USED | PARKING STAND | DELAY | FUNCTION ON BOARD | ACFT REG | RWY IN USE etc… and log your personal notes, even special threat note per airport.
Get the weather expected on destination in 1 click, useful for CPT annoucement.
Display the on-time performance stats for your specific flight number and compare to your own !

Calculate the sunrise time will occur along your trip, and spot on map. Same for sunset and moon events. With GPS, or (better), with a waypoint report.

For the first time on a free app, you can also check your location on airport moving map (AMM) ! Activate your GPS and you’ll see your aircraft on taxiway. Zoom in and display stand numbers. (Contact us if you need an airport).

FlightLog Pilot App aircrafts page


As for Flights, with this logbook you can manage your aircrafts, with tail number and aircraft type, and display some stats.

New Aircraft :
1. Fill the ACFT Registration
2. Select the TYPE
Of course you can create your own type if you fly private aircrafts.

All your aircrafts sorted by flight time / registration mark / # of flights. You can edit them by sliding to the left.


All world airports/airfields are not in FlightLog database.
To add your own airport go to My Aircrafts & Airports.

FlightLog Pilot App sync page


Sync your logbook between your devices (iOS or Android)
Create a free account on our server to SAVE and RESTORE your logbook, or use your own Dropbox account to do so.


LIMITATIONS : check your FTL according to FAA or EASA compliance. Projected FTL and current FTL.

TOTALS : Check your totals of flight time, how many pax you carried, distance etc…
Have you ever wondered how many times you travelled from Earth to Moon ? Or how light-minutes you flew ?
You can also check your recent experience, yearly received radiation dose, and even how many tons of CO2e you have emitted…

HISTORY : you can visualize your flight time by month / year / aircraft type.

DELAYS : Visualize your delays stats on departure/arrival.

Settings : activate some options like night flight time, extended stats and Time Dilation.

FlightLog Pilot App flight time limitation


Display your stats as RWY IN USE for take off and landing, for each airport.

Display your stats as DELAYS globally, and by airport.

Display your stats as PARKING STAND for each airport. Don’t wonder anymore where you were parked last time !

FlightLog Pilot App Airports Stats Page


Export and print your Logbook in EASA or FAA format automatically signed.

FlightLog Pilot App Export PDF Page


For the first time in any Logbook app, a tool designated to visualize your alertness.
Import your roster and see your predicted fatigue according to jetlag and sleep deficit.
This uses a predictive Bio-Mathematical model.
Setup your personal settings, activate jetlag or not, and check the better time to organize your in flight rest.

Several tools like a relief margin calculator in true atmosphere, true speed calculator, METAR decoder, units converter. The app includes a weather radar map, and a prediction tool of auroras.

Where is my aircraft ? By typing a flight number (in TOOLS tab) or an aircraft registration (in MY FLIGHTS tab) you can know at what time will land your aircraft, and where is it on a Google Map. Just like FlightRadar24…

Air Quality maps display Carbon monoxide, ozone, particulate matter etc…

FlightLog Pilot App Tools Page
FlightLog Pilot App Predictive Fatigue Page

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