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FlightLog logbook app includes a tool to calculate your received cosmic radiation dose for any flight.

What are cosmic radiations ? #

The main source of cosmic radiation on Earth, known as galactic cosmic radiation (GCR), is made up of supernova explosions, but solar activities also contribute to human exposure to radiation, during unpredictable and short lived solar flares and coronal mass ejections.
Cosmic radiation consists mainly of subatomic particles such as neutrons and protons incident on earth with enough energy to generate secondary particles when they interact with the earth atmosphere atoms (oxygen, nitrogen and other) generating other subatomic particles such as muons, electrons, etc.
The radiation dose vary with latitude/longitude/altitude.
The model calculates the theorical cosmic radiation dose (effective dose), taking into account the take off climb, altitude (level changes), a routing along a great circle from departure to destination, and the descent, and of course the flight time. Calculations based on CARI-7 model.
FlightLog has two tools to calculate radiations. A global calculator [TOOLS] and an automatic calculator per flight.

Cosmic Radiations Dose Calculator [TOOLS] #

  1. Enter OACI airports (from and destination)
  2. Enter duration of flight
  3. Enter Step Climbs : START for first FL, END for the last one. FlightLog will truncate your flight in equal parts. Leave END empty, or equal to START FL for constant altitude flight.

The app will calculate instantly (no network required) the received dose.

Cosmic Radiation Dose per flight #

When logging your flight, any change in OFF-ON block will calculate on-the-fly the radiation dose. If you have inserted a detailled FPR with level changes, altitude changes will be taken into effect. If not, FL370 is the default constant altitude.

You can also tap on RADIATION DOSE field to enter manually Step climbs.

Your radiation dose is cumulated, you can check your annual dose by going to STATS page > RADIATION DOSE 365 DAYS

The maximum annual dose for crew is around 6 mSv.

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