Import your roster

You can import flights from your roster.

  • Some airlines are fully compatible with FlightLog : Aerologic, Air Austral, Austrian Airlines, Air France, Air New Zealand, Austrian Airlines, Iberia, Ryanair, Transavia.
  • FlightLog is also compatible with rosters like AIMS, BlueOne, CrewConnect,, CrewLounge Connect, Jeppesen Crew Management System, Netline and RosterBuster.

Not in the list ? Contact us !

Air France #

You can either import your EP4 (all flights since 2018), import your roster from Calendar (first enable Sync with calendar within CrewMobile app) or import directly from CrewMobile

RosterBuster #

RosterBuster settings :

Netline #

(Lufthansa System)

Simply select Netline, then your calendar. FlightLog will find automatically your roster.

BlueOne #

Simply select BlueOne then your calendar. FlightLog will find automatically your roster.

AIMS and CrewConnect #

  1. Set your IATA airline prefix (2 chars)
  2. Import roster from calendar

Ryanair #

This is actually not a full roster importer but you can import flights of the day:

  1. Set your CrewCode
  2. Copy-paste the entire content of your daily flights email within the required field.

Calendar Import (all airlines) #

You MUST have your schedule planning on your device calendar. Then,

  1. Tab New Flight
  2. Click on Import from Calendar
  3. Select your roster
  4. (optional) Select Start Date and End Date (default : start and end of present month)
  5. (optional) Select the desired calendar name.
  6. Select ALL or desired flights
  7. Click on IMPORT SELECTED (or the blue circled button). If you can’t see these buttons, it means flights are not well formatted.

Please contact us if you want your own importer !

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