Flight Time Limitation


The standard values for limitation is the FTL one (100H within 28days) but you can edit these values by typing on LAST 28 DAYS button and 28 DAYS LIMIT 100H button (below).

This curve shows your cumuled time since 28 days (or your value), with a projection until next 28 days, as you can be aware of your maximum flight time allowed. You can also see your next expiring certificates.


This is a simple donut representation of your limitations (28 days, 90 days, and 12 months). You can edit these values by clicking on 28 DAYS LIMIT, 90 DAYS LIMIT, 12 MONTHS LIMIT, CALENDAR YEAR LIMIT… buttons below.

The limits depend on EASA/FAA settings (go to SETTINGS tab) :

  • EASA : 28 DAYS (default = 100H) | 12 LAST MONTHS (default = 1000H) | CALENDAR YEAR (default = 900H)
  • FAA : 14H (default = 9H) | 672H (default = 100H) | 365 DAYS (default = 1000H)

For Flight Duty Period go to Menu > DUTY.

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