Crew Connect

With this module you can contact and chat with any crew using FlightLog. You have a special request ? You need to ask for a jumpseat to the captain ? Just send him a message.

Search a crew member #

Fill a flight number and a date, if the flight exists it will be added in your flights list. Tap on it and on the crew member name to send a message.

Send a message #

Tap on the name, write your message, send.

You will receive a notification in case of answer. Or stay on this page, the chat is real time.

Pull to refresh on the left part (flights list) to refresh messages, the flights will be sorted with the last message time.

Settings #

You don’t want your flights searchable ? Go to Settings and disallow Crew Connect.

You need to fill your name and first name to be searchable, and allow notifications to be informed in case of message reception.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : your last name will never show. Only the first letter, for security reasons.

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