OPS Data

OPERATIONAL DATA is a new functionality, available since V2.2 for iOS devices only.

« What is generally our parking stand ? »
« Is there an ACU there ? GPU ? Where is deicing ?»
« What kind of approach can we expect ? »
« What are the rapid exit taxiway from threshold distances ? »

In an airport we have not visited much, who has not already asked these questions ?

This is the purpose of the new OPS data function : collecting experiences, in a participatory mode, on the airfields we are going to. The obvious goal: to increase the pilots’ awareness of the operational situation of an airport, and ultimately, to improve the operational efficiency of crews.

But beware, who says participatory, says that a sufficient volume of data is necessary for it to be representative. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few weeks of feedback by you, Pilots, for the module to offer satisfactory feedback. As a corollary to this, the application needs you to make numerous returns, and continue to do so, even once the database is sufficiently supplied! Finally, it remains obvious that the documentation filed with the authorities by your company is the only regulatory reference, and that this module cannot replace it.

How to ?

  1. Allow it in Settings.

By allowing this, you can display all data merged from all pilots feedbacks. In return, you kindly accept some of your data is sent to our server. These data are : From and Destination fields, runway in use, approach type, parking stand, and taxi time. Nothing can identify your flight.

  1. Go to My Flights tab and hit one of these 3 buttons (two for data consulting, one for data sending) :

Data consulting #

By hitting one of the first two buttons in the row, you show up a new window merging all data for the selected airport. Network connection is required to download data in your device, which is stored and consultable during your flight.

Parking Stand and RWY in use are automatically filled from your flight data, or you can manually change it.

Data are shown under 3 categories : Arrival, Turn around and Departure.

  • Approach : by hitting this you can display a graph presenting runway in use and statistics about approach used.
  • IDLE REVERSE : data, if available, is showing if this procedure is requested or not.
  • RAPID EXIT DISTANCE : when available, this is a list of RET from threshold distances for the RWY selected. By clicking on it you can display all runways, all RET distances and also Touchdown aiming point distance if available and not standard. You can hit a RWY to show up distances.  Please do not use as reference as it may not reflect the last AIRAC data.
  • DOCKING:  this will display docking systems by parking stand. (Marshaller, Visual Guidance Docking System, Markings). By clicking on it you will show all parking stands on a chart.
  • REAR DOOR DISEMBARK : information about allowance of disembarking passengers via the aft door, depending on parking stand.
  • RADIO PARTICULARITY : in this case (arrival) it displays TWR > GND if required to contact directly GND ATC after landing.
  • GPU AVAIL : GPU availability per parking stand. Information displayed for your selected stand. By clicking on it, you can see all parking stands.
  • ACU AVAIL : same as GPU.
  • REFUELING PAX ONBOARD : if allowed or not.
  • APU RESTRICTION : shows for example +5MIN | -15MIN if APU must be shutted down not later than 5min after arrival and not sooner than 15min before scheduled departure.
  • PUSH : most common pushback system for your stand. By hitting this you will show up a graph with all push back types dispatch.
  • DEICING : if available, it may contain PARKING STAND or DEICING BAY.
  • NADP : NADP1 | NADP2 | NOT REQUIRED. By clicking on it you will display all runways.
  • TAXIOUT N-1 STARTPOINT: if hit, shows a chart with STAND – ENG START POINT – RWY flows. A good way to know where it’s interesting to start engines.
  • TAXI TIME : a statistical data of taxi time from parking stands to runways. Display the mean time for your selected stand and runway, or if hit, a chart with all data merged.
  • AIRPORT DIAGRAM : a sketch of runways with runway length and relative position. Do not use at reference, as database is not verified.

  • ENVIRONMENT : A view of airport environment, in forecast conditions (day/night), at the expected final position if any QFU inserted, or a global airport view. 3D buildings will be reported too.

All these data can be shown for all airlines or only for your’s by choosing the option at the bottom of the page.

Just below is the REPORT ERROR button in case of you find something wrong in data (as data are collected by users), and send us the report.


As OPS data is in participatory mode, so it needs YOU to feed the whole system ! By clicking on the REPORT button you will open up a new window with fields you may or not fill. Parking stands are mandatory (automatically filled by your flight data), other fields are not.

You can SEND the data even in flight, your data will be actually sent as soon as the app retrieves some network to do so.

CRAR (Countries Rules And Regulations) #


This is a summary – reminder for specific countries and FIR regulations. Just click on a country or FIR to display the summary. Refer to your airline documentation to consult the official and complete rules.

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