Weather Briefing


Context forecast #

Available 4 days before flight, with low res (1h resolution), and 6 hours before with high res (15min resolution).

By clicking on WEATHER button you will display a timeline, starting from Departure -30min to Arrival +30min.

Important to know : this is a predicted weather, weather sources are not aeronautical (no TAF nor METAR)

This timeline will show expected weather and threats related to:

  • WIND : >38kt   38->25kt
  • DEICING CHANCES: icing conditions with probability  >50%   30%
  • LVP : Low Visibility Conditions (ceiling and visibility): 550m/200ft   3000m/1000ft
  • VISIBILITY : <550m   <3000m
  • CEILING : <200ft   <1000ft

Note: after closing this window, it will display also a forecast weather with METAR format (although it’s not an observed weather but a forecast)

Below are airports diagrams with runways and wind direction.

Weather Threats #

Some placards will display in case of weather threat detected : THUNDERSTORM | SNOW | FREEZING RAIN | ICE PELLETS

Alternates Analysis #

A map with ATC route is displayed, an algorithm computes colors of airports within 200Nm radius around Departure and Destination, and along route. Color is computed from TAF analysis.

The same is computed for en route airports, according to METAR analysis. You may tap on any airport on ATC route to show divert airports around (100Nm radius)

Turbulence #

REMOVED Due to satellite data shutdown

Weather Briefing displays turbulence charts from NOAA satellite data.

First is a set of 4 curves of turbulence intensity along your trip : FL390, FL360, FL320, FL290.

Second chart is a vertical view of the trip, turbulence intensity is displayed from ground to FL440.

Meteogram #

It’s a graphical presentation of the weather encountered along your trip.

Environment #

A view of airport environment, in forecast conditions (day/night, visibility), at the expected final position if any QFU inserted, or a global airport view. 3D buildings will be reported too.

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