Radar ATC


Where is going this flight ? Sky has no more secrets for you…

FlightLog will search all aircraft around you transmitting position with ADS, and display them on a radar map. Max distance = 50Nm.


Point your device around you, flights with some informations (airline, aircraft type, origin, destination, actual departure time, ETA etc…) will appear in augmented reality.

Click on Range to select 50Nm – 25Nm – 10Nm (range is auto decreased if too many aircraft found)

Some flight positions may be extrapolated if no sufficient fresh data >20s)

It’s a free tool, so refreshing data rate is pretty poor (around 10s), making flights close to you (10Nm) quite imprecise.

Please note also than magnetic heading is also inaccurate. (The heading value is actually geographic heading as local declination is taken into account). A heading range slider is available to correct some obvious heading shift.

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