Flight Duty Period

Flight Duty Period #

The FDP view appears in a monthly calendar view. You can choose between EASA and FAA (Settings tab)


  • glisser vers la gauche ou droite le calendrier : permet de changer de mois
  • cliquer sur un jour : les vols du jour seront affichés avec le Cmt, TSV, TSVmax, FTLmax (EASA) etc…
  • cliquer sur un vol : à chaque clic un scénario s’affiche en haut de page (départ en avance de 5′, en retard de 5′, vol accéléré, etc) avec le Delta paie.

Pour les FDP, l’appli affiche le TSVMAX (MANEX) et le FDPMAX (EASA) sans la marge CDB


  • slide to left/right : switch month.
  • click on a day : flights of the day will be displayed with FDP, FDPmax and acclimatization status. FDPmax (1|2|3 flight crew) depends on your settings (EASA  or FAA rules)
  • Note : Flight Time Limitations are visible on Totals & Stats tab.


Flight Duty Period is computed from real flight times.Select your crew configuration (2-3-4 crew) to check FDP. By default FDP starts 1H before first flight OUT-time (by default) and ends at the last flight IN-time. You can setup your own duty settings in Settings page.

FDPmax #

FDPmax is computed from your schedule with FAA FAR117 or EASA rules, considering flight times and acclimatization. It displays FDPmax with 1, 2 or 3 flight crews, and LATEST IN time (without CPT margin)

Acclimatization #

FlightLog use EASA | FAA rules to compute crew acclimatization, considering timezone and rest.



Please note that calculation for Long-Haul may be inaccurate for the time being (Work In Progress)

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