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With this app you can save and restore your log, for free.


Since 2.4.5 FlightLog allows AUTO SYNC (Auto Save and Auto Restore). Enable it by going into >SYNC SERVER or >SYNC DROPBOX and tick Enable AUTOSYNC.


SAVE : The app will save your log automatically when in background, silently (don’t kill your app). If you enable notifications (>Settings) you’ll be warned when log is saved. It should come up after +/-20min background.

RESTORE : in a same way, you’ll be warned if the app finds a saved version more recent than your app version (for example on a device #2). You have to accept the restore, or not, to replace data.

You can still SAVE and RESTORE manually.

Warning : to be sure your device#1 is the master, enable AUTO SYNC then manually SAVE your log. Your device#2 will become the slave (less recent one). ⚠️ Any change on device#2 will auto save this log and device#2 will become the master.

You have 2 ways to save your log. You can use either, or both :

  • our server
  • your own Dropbox (please note that autosync is no more working with Dropbox due to new auth method of DB.)
  1. You must have a network
  2. Auto sync events are controlled by Apple algorithm. It means that sync time/frequency depends on Apple control. More often you are using FlightLog, more often sync is active. First sync may take hours/day before occurring.
  3. Note : sometimes FlightLog auto-restarts when waking up from background state ; this is breaking autosync process. Kill/restart FlightLog re-enable autosync watching. 


SAVE or RESTORE manually, either to server or Dropbox.

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