Weather Radar (weather, winds, dust, snow, CAT)



In your FlightLog logbook, go to TOOLS > ATMOSPHERE & SPACE.


In your logbook go to TOOLS > WEATHER and a weather radar map will be displayed, centered on your GPS location.

A slider below shows the image by 10min increments (history = 2hours).


REMOVED Due to satellite data shutdown
tab WINDS will display an animated winds map at surface level. The map is GPS location centered.

You can also access to a wind map centered on your flight plan by taping on the sunrise button inside MY FLIGHTS, then ATMOSPHERE. You’ll have your flight plan displayed over a wind surface map and best speed flight level calculated (by integrating all the atmosphere column winds between FL200 and FL 450).

Select a FL to display wind at selected altitude.

Wind data from NCEP NOAA.


REMOVED Due to satellite data shutdown
tab DUST will display a dust map (Dust Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm).



REMOVED Due to satellite data shutdown
tab SNOW will display a snow map (per cent frozen precipitation on ground).

Snow data from NCEP NOAA.

CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) #

REMOVED Due to satellite data shutdown
tab CAT will display a Clear Air Turbulence map (per cent).

Select a FL to display turbulence at selected altitude.

Snow data from World Area Forecast System (WAFS).


You can display the same maps by clicking atmosphere icon within any flight, to display flight conditions along your route.

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